Leg Veins (Sclerotherapy)

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Dilated blue and/or red leg veins can be treated! Sclerotherapy is a prescription injectable treatment for dilated spider veins and varicose veins. Dr. Claiborne typically uses polidocanol (Asclera®) to irritate and damage the lining of the enlarged blood vessels. This causes blood platelets and cellular debris to attach to the lining of the vessels; eventually, cellular debris and platelets cause the blood vessel to clot. Over time, the clotted vein will be replaced with tissue. Dr. Claiborne has several lasers that can be used for leg veins as well, but these are typically reserved for more stubborn leg veins.

Spider Vein Beofre

Spider Veins Before

Spider Veins After

Spider Veins After

Patient Satisfaction

  • On average, 87% of patients were satisfied or very satisfied with their Asclera® treatment
  • Patients were significantly more satisfied with Asclera® than with either sodium tetradecyl sulfate (STS) or placebo (p<0.0001)

How long is each Asclera® session?

A typical sclerotherapy session lasts 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the number of vessels to be injected. One injection is usually administered per inch with multiple injections per session. Following treatment compression stockings (such as Hanes Alive) should be worn continuously for 2-3 days and for 2-3 weeks during the day time. Repeat sessions may be necessary for optimal outcomes. If additional treatment sessions are required they are usually repeated at 1 month.

Spider and Reticular Veins Before

Spider and Reticular Veins Before

Spider and Reticular Veins After

Spider and Reticular Veins After

What should I expect after being treated with Asclera®?

Maintain graduated compression

  • 2-3 days after treatment of spider veins
  • 5-7 days after treatment of reticular veins
  • For extensive varicosities, longer compression treatment is recommended
  • Post-treatment compression is necessary to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis.

Encourage walking

  • 15-20 minutes immediately after treatment
  • Daily for a few days

What should I avoid after receiving an Asclera® Injection?

For two to three days following the treatment, avoid (if you are uncertain, please ask your healthcare provider):

  • Heavy exercise
  • Sunbathing
  • Long plane flights
  • Hot bath or sauna

Are there any possible side effects to Asclera® treatments?

Yes, they may include:

  • Allergic reactions have been reported but are very uncommon.
  • Bruising
  • Skin Infection
  • In rare cases, formation of small “burns” or ulcers form, usually due to leakage of Asclera®into the skin. They heal in time, but may leave a scar.
  • Inadvertent perivascular injection of Asclera® can cause pain. If pain is severe, a local anesthetic (without adrenaline) may be injected.

You should tell your doctor about all the medicines you are taking, including:

  • Prescription and nonprescription medicines, vitamins and herbal products

You should not be treated with Asclera® if you:

  • Have a known allergy to polidocanol
  • Have an acute vein or blood clotting (thromboembolic) disease
  • Are pregnant or nursing