Keloids are firm, fibrous tissue nodules typically found in areas of previous skin trauma, such as scars or burns. They can be single or scattered throughout an area of the skin. Keloids may become itchy, painful, and grow to very large sizes in the weeks following an inciting trigger. Keloids can be very disfiguring, restrict normal motion and cause significant discomfort. Keloids are most common in African-Americans and those of Mediterranean descent, but may appear in all ethnicities.

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Neuromodulator injections are quick in-office procedure with no downtime. Prior to treatment, Dr. Claiborne meets with patients to discuss whether they are a candidate for neuromodulator injections. Patients that are pregnant or have a history of a neuromuscular disease would not be candidates for neuromodulators. Optimal facial rejuvenation outcomes often result from combination therapy with dermal fillers, lasers, and/or chemical peels.

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Keloids are quite difficult to treat. Excision of keloids are only performed if there is a post-procedure plan to prevent recurrence. Injectable steroids are often used to cause atrophy of the keloids so they are softer and less raised. Radiation therapy is used on occasion as is chemotherapeutics, such as 5-fluorouracil.


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